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    Archive for February, 2012


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    Saving Our Sacred Sites

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    Fire and Disaster Management

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    Protection of Cultural Heritage – Intro

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    Danieli Hotel, Venice, Italy

    At the end of the 14th century, the noble Venetian family the Dandolos built a palace on the Grand Canal which is now the Danieli Hotel. From the historical records, this building was one of the most richly decorated buildings in Venice where there were always social events Restoration work was undertaken to restore the grand ... Read More


    Excelsior Roma

    Rising regally at the top of the Via Venato, and recently added to Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List, the Excelsior Roma underwent renovations to restore the grand luxury of this Historic Hotel. Our work there included reviewing the fire and life safety features of this historic hotel including egress, detection/alarm systems, suppression systems, smoke management systems ... Read More


    Preserving Heritage

    Disaster Management involves planning what to do before, during and after a disaster or emergency occurs. Planning ahead significantly reduces damage to tangible and intangible heritage, including historic sites, structures and their collections. Services: Establish Objectives Hazard Assessments Risk Assessments Disaster Prevention Planning Disaster Mitigation Planning Emergency Access Assessments Emergency Egress Assessments Emergency Drills Emergency Response Equipment Planning Disaster Preparedness Planning Disaster Response Planning Disaster Recovery Planning Capacity Building Deliverables: Hazard ... Read More


    Putting Out Fires

    Fires are one of the more significant threats to people, the built environment and our cultural heritage.  Effective fire prevention and fire protection plans can be developed and implemented to significantly limit the chance of fire occurring, and reducing the fire induced damage. Services: Building Code Consulting Fire Detection/Fire Alarm System Design & Analysis Fire Protection System Design & ... Read More


    Capacity Building

    Capacity Building strengthens skills, competencies and abilities of both individuals and communities to achieve their desired results during and after disasters.  Local individuals and communities are critical components of a successful, long-term, sustainable plan. Services: Capacity Building Teaching Training Trainers Course Development Webinars Training Manuals Skill Development Distance Learning

    Read More

    Park Avenue Armory

    The Armory was built by the first volunteer militia to respond to President Lincoln’s call for troops in 1861. The Armory was built not only as a military facility but also as a social club. Some of the most prominent designers of the time were involved with the design of the Reception rooms on the ... Read More

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