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    Who We Are

    Our Vision

    To significantly reduce fire and disaster related losses to the built environment, including our cultural heritage and associated collections, and helping preserve them for their intended purposes.

    Our Mission

    To provide risk-informed analysis methods and decision tools to protect our built environment including one of a kind, irreplaceable historic sites, structures and their collections from fire and other disasters, through:

    • Developing and implementing fire and disaster mitigation strategies
    • Creating awareness
    • Establishing training and capacity building programs
    • Assisting in connections with funding sources
    • Developing codes, guidelines and reference documents to enhance protection.

    Our Beliefs

    • Success comes through understanding client objectives, identifying risks, developing cost-effective, sustainable solutions, and incorporating local, indigenous resources and knowledge.
    • Creating awareness of hazards/risks and educating people on the potential for developing cost-effective solutions is critical.
    • Access to accurate information about disasters and a structure’s performance advances responsible and effective disaster management strategies.
    • Incorporating local, indigenous people, materials, and methods are critical to a successful and sustainable strategy.
    • Our effectiveness is enhanced by shared information and stakeholder understanding.
    • Risk-informed alternatives lead to understanding hazards, vulnerabilities and making appropriate decisions.
    • Existing materials have inherent characteristics that need to be incorporated into sustainable strategies.
    • Integrated solutions need to be developed to effectively address multiple hazards.

    Our Methods

    We create tailored solutions through developing a comprehensive understanding of each client’s unique objectives, assessing credible risks, and establishing mitigation measures.  Through this process, we deliver innovative solutions that are risk-informed, sustainable, fully integrated, and cost-effective, results oriented.

    • We build partnerships that help us both fulfill our missions.
    • We deliver high quality and timely solutions that are understandable and implementable.
    • We preserve our credibility by remaining independent and objective.
    • We understand objectives of our client’s prior to jumping to solutions.
    • We build capacity, talent, and excellence during our involvement.
    • We embrace innovation and harness technology to maximize our effectiveness.
    • We develop innovative solutions to unique challenges through our international experience in past projects, case studies, forensics, and hazard/risk assessments.

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