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    Press Releases

    November 2011:  Chris Marrion assisted with the development and delivery of the ‘Training Workshop on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage Properties, held in Berat, Albania. The Workshop was led by UNESCO and ICCROM.

    November 2011: Marrion Fire & Risk Consulting presented a lecture on ‘Saving Our Sacred Sites’ at Tibet House, New York, NY. The intention was to help further creating awareness regarding the need to protect cultural heritage and promote sustainable tourism.

    October 2011:  Chris Marrion was invited to partake in the development and delivery of the workshop on Museums at Risk Workshop, in Brazilia, Brazil.  The conference was developed by IberMuseos and IBRAM, and supported by the Getty Foundation.

    October 2011:  Chris Marrion presented a technical paper on Sustainability, Disasters and Preservation: Creating Awareness and Understanding Synergies, at the annual Association of Preservation Technology International Annual Conference, in Victoria, British Columbia.

    July 2011:  Marrion Fire & Risk participated in a webinar and presented on ‘Addressing Your Fire/Life Safety Needs’ for a workshop entitled: O Futuro da Segurança contra Incêndio in São Paulo, Brazil.

    June 2011:  Marrion Fire & Risk Consulting presented a paper on ‘Fire/Disaster Preparedness and Recovery: Safeguarding Heritage Through A Risk-Informed, Performance Based Approach’ at the La Vie de Mercanti – SAVE Heritage Conference in Capri, Italy.

    May 2011:  Marrion Fire & Risk Consulting was invited to present ‘The Importance of Incorporating Cultural Heritage into Disaster Risk Management’ on the IGNITE Stage for the UNISDR-Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva, Switzerland.

    December 2010:  Marrion Fire & Risk Consulting presented a technical paper on ‘Fire and Disaster Management: Developing Sustainable, Risk Informed Strategies and Embracing Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Traditions’ at the International Conference on Disaster Management & Cultural Heritage in Thimpu, Bhutan.

    November 2009:  Chris Marrion and David Balter presented a Technical Workshop on ‘Fire Prevention: Protecting Our Cultural Heritage From Fire Workshop’. This work was through an invitation through the Arts Council of Mongolia, the US Embassy in Mongolia and the Mongolian Ministry on Education, Science & Culture of Mongolia.

    October 2009: Chris Marrion and David Balter  presented a short course on Fire Safety 101 at the Amarbayasgalant Monastery in Mongolia.

    October 2009:  Chris Marrion presented the SFPE Course on ‘Performance Based Design of Fire Detection Systems’ at the SFPE Professional Development Conference and Exposition in Phoenix, AZ.

    February 2009:  A technical presentation on ‘Fire Alarm and Detection Systems in Performance Based Design’ was given by Chris Marrion at the APICI Conference in Madrid, Spain.

    October 2008:  In October, a technical lecture on ‘Satisfying Building Codes the Green Way, Capturing Synergies and Mitigating Conflicts’ was presented at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, (NTHP) in Tulsa OK at the NTHP National Meeting by Chris Marrion.

    September 2007:  A technical presentation regarding the ‘World Trade Center: Building Performance Assessments’ was presented to commemorate the sixth anniversary of September 11th at the Crested Butte Fire Department, Crested Butte, CO. Chris was involved with the original Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) team assessing the events of September 11th.

    June 2007:   A technical course on ‘Historic Buildings and Performance Based Design’ was developed and presented for students involved with the APICI Course on Fire Safety and Performance Based Design in Madrid, Spain.

    October, 2004.  Chris Marrion presented a lecture on ‘Historic Buildings, Cultural Resources and Extreme Events’  for Pratt University.

    October 2004:  A lecture on the topic of ‘The World Trade Center and Lessons Learned’ was delivered by Chris Marrion for the John Jay College of Criminal Justice detailing the event of September 11th and the lessons that were learned from this disaster.

    October 2003: Chris Marrion and David Jacoby gave a lecture on ‘Fire and Life Safety – Past, Present and Future’ at Pratt University.

    September 2003:  A technical paper on ‘Addressing Fire and Extreme Type Events in Protecting Maritime Facilities and Cultural Resources’ was presented to members at the Association of Preservation Technologists International in Portland, ME at the Annual APTI meeting.

    March 2003:  A lecture on ‘Learning From Disasters And Addressing Extreme Events in the Post September 11th Built Environment’, was delivered by Chris Marrion at the Fire Protection Symposium held at Oklahoma State University.Designing in the Post September 11th Built Environment –  An Engineer’s Perspective, Architects, Designers and Planners For Social Responsibility (ADPSR).

    February 2003:  Chris Marrion delivered a technical talk on ‘Meeting Fire and Life Safety Challenges in Protecting Cultural Resources and Historic Structures’ for the NYC Department of Design & Construction (NYC DDC) for their technical lecture series.

    January 2002:  A technical presentation on ‘Fire and Risk Assessments’ was given at the Rebuilding Alliance Conference in New York by Chris Marrion discussing approaches to fire safety and risk assessments for the built environment.


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