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    Value Proposition

    Value to our clients is delivered in several different ways including:

    • Solving Problems – Listening and understanding specific challenges, working together to develop technically sound solutions, and negotiating acceptance amongst stakeholders and local building and fire departments.
    • Understanding Objectives – Understanding and addressing your objectives including protection of life, property, collections, heritage and business interruption, as well as design, sustainability and functional objectives so they are achieved through appropriate mitigation measures
    • Quantifying Hazards/Risks – Quantifying hazards, building response, and occupant behaviour and evacuation to further understand performance of  the occupants and the building during an event.
    • Addressing Multiple Hazards – Addressing and integrating mitigation measures for multiple hazards and secondary and tertiary events (e.g. post-earthquake fire).
    • Developing Cost-Effective Alternatives– Providing cost effective alternatives that take into account cost-benefit analyses, value and level of acceptable risk.
    • Providing Risk Informed Solutions – Developing risk informed alternatives so clients can understand and appropriately select fire/disaster mitigation measures that meet their objectives.
    • Incorporating Inherent Characteristics – Recognizing and incorporating inherent strengths/features of the structures instead of using new materials.
    • Limiting Impact on Aesthetics – Reduce aesthetic impact of fire/disaster mitigation measures during installation, and once installed in place.
    • Learning from History – Learning from past fire/disaster incidents and forensic related work to understand what has failed in the past and limit it from re-occurring
    • Engaging in Collaborative Efforts – Collaborating with clients and associated stakeholders to understand challenges and objectives, and work alongside the project team towards effective solutions.

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