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Our Process

Understanding your needs. Doing the right things. At the right time. Collaborative. Integrated. Cost-effective solutions.


Understand Your Needs:

Your objectives, stakeholders, schedule, budget, functionality, sustainability goals, building codes, vulnerability of collections, preservation & conservation objectives, etc. are essential elements to understand from the start.

Outcomes :

Understanding your specific objectives, project background, and damage thresholds should a disaster/emergency occur.


Identify Hazards & Risks:

Hazards and Risks vary for each region, site , building, and collection. Identifying risks deemed credible at your site that need to be addressed helps tailor appropriate fire/disaster management solutions to realistic threats.

Outcomes :

A description of fire and disaster related risks your site  and the collections are exposed to and that are credible events.


Develop Tailored Solutions:

Fire/disaster management solutions need to incorporate indigenous knowledge, materials and people; be effective, sustainable, capable of  addressing multiple event scenarios; and make efficient use of financial resources.

Outcomes :

Risk-informed, cost-effective, sustainable and integrated solutions using indigenous people, knowledge and resources.


Implement Strategies:

Proper implementation of disaster management plans is as important as developing them. On-going development, reviews, updates and capacity building are critical, as disaster planning is an iterative, on-going process.

Outcomes :

Tailored, effective and sustainable solutions based on understanding needs of stakeholders, and addressing long term objectives.

Exceptional Service:  This process helps us to provide clients with exceptional fire and disaster risk management consulting solutions.

Tailored Solutions:  Based on developing a thorough understanding of each client’s unique objectives, assessing credible risks, and establishing mitigation measures focused on client objectives, life safety and preservation.  Innovative solutions that are risk-informed, sustainable, fully integrated, cost-effective and results oriented.

Protecting What Is Important:  Anything less can lead to injuries and personal loss; damage to collections; loss of property and heritage; as well as interruption to one’s business operations.

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