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    Delivering Solutions

    Who we are helps deliver appropriate and timely solutions.                                      


    We Are Fire Protection Engineers and Building Code Consultants.  We understand building codes and fire codes, as well as performance based, risk-informed approaches to resolving unique challenges. Our breadth and depth of experience and expertise allows us to identify and apply the appropriate tool to the problem, from code-based design to computer fire simulation modelling to solve the defined challenge without missing the objective.


    We develop tailored, common sense, technically sound, fire safety and life safety solutions.  Our solutions are based on the combination of common sense and sound engineering principles to meet the goals and objectives of the design team, from aesthetics, to use, to resilience, to cost.


    We incorporate local/indigenous people, methods, materials.  It is critical to engage local/indigenous people and incorporate their knowledge, experience, methods and materials into solutions. These are found to be very effective. Introducing new means, materials, and equipment may not be sustainable or maintainable over the longer term and thus may not always represent reliable mitigation measures.


    We develop risk-informed performance-based alternatives.  We aim to develop fire and life safety strategies that address the level(s) of risk, which are acceptable to the stakeholders, providing risk-informed performance-based alternatives.


    We can address property/contents protection and business interruption challenges.  Codes typically do not address protection of valuable collections (e.g., art, artefacts, data systems), historic structures, or business interruption concerns to the degree desired.  We develop strategies to address these objectives, in addition to the typical fire and life safety objectives.


    We are very active in developing codes, standards, and engineering guidance.  By actively participating in the development of codes, standards, and guides, not only are we aware of important changes and advances in these areas – we create them.


    We design fire protection systems.  We develop initial strategies, and then undertake detailed designs of  fire sprinkler systems, special suppression systems, fire detection/fire alarm, and smoke management systems.  We stay up to date on current practice as we are on code and design standard committees.


    We provide integrated solutions to address varying hazards.  Multi-disciplinary, integrated, and holistic designs are more effective at addressing challenges and meeting needs.


    We are successful in negotiating with local authorities.  We are able to work with local authorities in obtaining approvals, and negotiating practical, cost-effective solutions.  We base our negotiating abilities in part on our strong technical and common sense approach to solutions and working closely with local authorities in understanding these to meet the intent of the codes.

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