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Troitsky Cathedral, Russia


The Troitsky Cathedral (or Trinity Cathedral) is located in St Petersburg, Russia St and is famed for its 80-metre-high central dome made of wood.  On 25 August 2006, while restoration work was underway, fire apparently started in the scaffolding and spread rapidly.  The response from the fire brigades included 40 trucks, and a helicopter.  The fire took 4 hours to contain.  During this time, the main dome of the Cathedral collapsed during the fire, as did one of the smaller cupolas.  The interior was severely damaged by fire.  During the fire, various people and firefighters were seen running in and out of the Cathedral to save relics and icons, and were able to save some of the most valuable icons and other items.

Restoration efforts cost approximately 30 million rubles ($1.12 million), and the Cathedral was eventually reopened in 2010.

Built: 1828-1835

Fire: 25 August 2006

Damage:  US$1.12 million






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